I've had a few notable shopkeeper-encounters during the past week. The first was on Sunday, when I went to get lunch for 35 people at SC. I ordered 20 burgers from Zodiac, a computer shop/burger shop/ice cream shop. I'd only been there once before when Jessica dragged me up to school me in the ways of Diablo. We were on the second floor and the aircon was broken and there was a lot of trash lying around, and at one point I heard some rustling right before a mouse darted out from behind one of the monitors. Token hikikkomori zone.

Anyway, there were two people behind the counter--a guy and a girl--when I asked about their burgers. I asked for bun size and ingredients, which they supplied, and ended up ordering 20 Big Burgers. The guy had to call his boss first. They both looked pretty amused at the amount, and at that it was "for now." They were nice to me. Ordering 35 Big Burgers was too expensive, so I went to Rodic's to get 15 bacon sandwiches. They were also amused and unusually nice to me. The man in charge of making the bacon sandwiches updated me once in a while, without me asking. "Ma'am, malapit na 'to matapos!" Shopkeepers like you better if you order in bulk, I think. (Like the time we bought 5 kilos of kangkong from one vendor--but that's another story.)

The other time was yesterday, when I was ordering flowers for delivery. The shopkeeper was pretty chill about everything, until I felt the ground shake and, panicking, said, "Kuya, naramdaman mo ba nag-move 'yung ground?" And he laughed at me and told me it was just the elevator. I was having brief visions of a 7.0 magnitude earthquake and the two upper floors of SM North collapsing. I was also thinking that that sort of death would make for a good story element.

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