Scattered and clipped.

Thought fragments:

Today: non-fiction workshop. Ma'am on my piece: not as polished as my previous essays. Feya called it 'essentialist' and I'm not sure how I'm going to fix that.

Too much "I," always. Everywhere. The self must be restrained, eliminated. Listen more, even if the little gremlin inside won't shut up.

The rise and fall of a puppy's belly as it twitches in its sleep.

Summer is here and it's time to buy a pair of sunglasses.


Balancing act: Beach missions, please. One easter cantata away won't hurt.

May seventeen, maybe.

I wonder how girls with short shorts survive hot, sweaty jeep rides. Your underthighs stick to the plastic covering of the seats. The cloth rides up too high on your thigh, making it uncomfortable.

Libraries are tricky to fall asleep in--so many people are watching and not watching. The janitor tries to clean under your chair while you lie slumped at the table, half-consciously trying not to drool.

I don't frequent Starbucks, but today I wanted a milkshake-ish drink, so I passed by. It was disappointing and runny. Cream and cookies tossed into ice, and blended. I was looking for a smooth, creamy frothy thing, rich and thick. Next time.

Sometimes there is the tendency to stare out into space and smile while walking, murmuring happy things, being one-sidedly affectionate because, displacement. And miles and maps and other things. But there will be a good ending to this story, I hope and pray.

The puppy has opened its eyes. It looks slightly disgruntled. But it is still fat and content.

Feelings all over. Endings, goodbyes, dinners into the evening.

Fully Booked doesn't seem to be restocking that one kind of pen I always buy. The only other source would be at the store in AS. Maybe I should hoard some towards the end of March.

Realization: I could've asked more questions about people, back then. But I didn't. I was too busy making comics and reading novels.

A lot of the apps right now want to join the missions team, which is very encouraging. The funny thing is that they're all introverts. Join the club, darlings. May you find your hearts here.

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