Before she went into her room to take a nap, mother told me to watch out for the Eggman (the Egg delivery man) who would probably come by the house in a few minutes. My bedroom window has a garage/garden view, so I'd be the first one to notice. I was streaming episode 6 of Bakuman when I fell asleep. I woke up two hours later, at 5:30. I'd dreamt of humanoid aliens in tracksuits with a thick melting-pot american accent beaming to Metro Manila and making odd comments like 'it looks just like Japan!' and flipping through a couple volumes of manga.

Someone yelled "Tao po!" by the gate a bit later, so I immediately got up, grabbed the egg-money off the top of the piano and went outside to the garage. But it was not the eggman, just a letter deliveryman. I signed the receiving slip that came with the letter and handed it back to the guy.

The air during 5:30 is nice and cool since the sun's going down. A lot of kids and their yayas like staying outside at this time, so there were screaming children running down the street. The yellow-orangey sunlight was pretty strong in the west, bathing that end of the road and the houses lining it in goldness.

I was in the garage, opening the screen door to the house when a person's gold-bathed face flashed into sight for maybe two seconds. It caught my eye because the sunset made the face completely yellow-orange. It was a young woman, probably one of the yayas. The face appeared at the start of the alley next to our house and then disappeared. I waited for a few seconds, expecting to see her walk into the alley, but no one was there.

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