Twitter histories: Documenting Dreams

I joined the twitterparty four years ago. Got curious last night, wondered what my first tweet was, and what sort of person the 2008 onwards timeline reflected (was she more interesting? more emotionally unstable? etc.) Aside from a handful of smile/cringe-inducing tweets, I noticed that a bunch of the stuff was dream-documentation. I rarely have time to write about dreams outside sleep-in Saturday/Monday mornings (when I'm not busy zombieshuffling to the breakfast table) so dream-tweets are a pleasant discovery. Here's what I found, listed chronologically.

2009-07-18 03:02:48
Dream: houses made of grass, beds made of grass, blankets made
of grass. Abby wrote down what I said in my sleep again.

2009-08-16 01:04:11
Dream: A giant tree grew on our Ferndale lot. Living in it, a
family of angry monkeys. Killed the mother by throwing a dead bush.

2009-10-02 01:36:25
Dreams: A beach, hermit crabs, being stood up, China. Stairs of
sand eroding under my feet.

2009-10-04 09:33:15
Dreams: Some dude I don't know, telling me all about his
childhood. A handmade book about religion, by Bob Ong.

2009-10-05 01:14:57
I keep dreaming of people I barely know.

2009-10-06 09:53:02
Pools full of beer, tea, and water. Conical plastic
cups for dipping them into the pool. It was a church party.

2009-10-07 00:15:42
Didn't sleep properly. Dreams: Geo with blonde wavy hair,
Chinese people, and when I was in High School Muon was a country.

2009-10-11 18:53:59
Good morning. About to sleep. Dreams: Flipping off GE11
classmate, Jess and I creating a dream-elixir. Hands dissolving in acid.

2011-01-11 01:27:47
Woke up from a dream of trying to shift while in Pisay, on the
brink of graduation. Andrew was there for some reason, wearing lacey shoes.

2011-02-03 00:17:48
I dreamt of being two people at once. A black trapeze artist
and an aspiring english high school teacher. Good morning!

2011-02-06 01:11:38
Dream: We made our own music by plucking strings of it out of
the air. Mine had loads of The Postal Service in it.

2011-04-26 00:27:40
Dreamt I had an older brother named Phil who was going to work
in some far-off country a few days from now, so we had a going-away party.

2011-06-10 15:13:16
Dreamt of Ma'am Cel last night. She was ordering
us to go find stories in a lake in Banahaw. Nostalgic and a little

2011-09-26 01:32:00
Morning. Had a dream involving airships, stabbing, sleeping on
a plank, being found by mom, and staring at a knee while being

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