Life Update
I can't believe it's already February. Again. Which means it's time for a number of things: the UP Fair (to go or not to go? Never been a huge fan of OPM, but I did have enjoy Kitchie Nadal/Rivermaya/Bamboo during high school) the TGIS concert (annual fundraising and teenage angst all around) and Valentine's day (baww). It's also the birthday month of several nice people, which is another matter to think about all together.

I developed two rolls of film in class today, but didn't do the prints because there wasn't enough time. I scanned and flipped one strip of the negatives in Photoshop though, and that's what you see up there. The left photo was taken inside of the UP Press, a cavernous and dusty, bookpile-filled place--glorious and sneeze-inducing.

Fitzgerald, Owen Wilson, Penguins
I finished The Great Gatsby around a week ago. Just wanted to say that I wish I could write the way Nick Caraway thinks. And that I accidentally spoiled myself about the death while reading something related on Wikipedia (Why does this keep happening to me. Oh Ned Stark.) Right now, I've started two more: Snow Country by Yasunari Kawabata and The Melancholy of Haruhi Suzumiya--a translation of the Japanese light novel. My Jap prof lent me the latter (thank you, sir!) when I asked for anime recommendations, coolness.

One night, last week, when I foolishly tested my sleeping-late limits (cue friends laughing in face) I decided to watch my freshly-downloaded copy of Midnight in Paris. It was recommended to me thrice and wow, Hemingway made the viewing experience totally worth it. Rachel McAdams was deliciously irritating, and I seriously have to pick up Mean Girls for more of that(nope, haven't seen it). Also, I did not recognize Carla Bruni. Shame on me. I would like to visit Paris in the 20s, though. Or maybe Greece in the 19th century, to see Lord Byron in action.

Anime-wise, I'm not sure that I've found something I want to watch. I tried two episodes of Mawaru Penguindrum, but things got a little strange for me (the faux-incest, not the penguins), but at least one of the characters appeals to me, so...might give it another try in the near future. I switched to Seirei no Moribito, which is something I'm a little more used to. It's quite good, but a tad too serious where it stands at the moment (episode three). Might drop it unless they meet fun-filled characters on their journey.
An alternative would be to (finally) watch Darker Than Black, but i'll leave that on my to-do list for now.

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