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Shrimp pasta with too much shrimp

It's a sick day for me today. My morning started at 7:30 with sniffles, sneezes, and a sore throat. I scrambled down to the kitchen to make myself some sick-people food. Chopped half a small red onion, one clove of garlic. Sauteed them in a saucepan, plus a mix of uncooked brown and white rice. Toast, then add chicken broth bit by bit until everything's cooked, and voila, basic lugaw (I think).

I've been wanting to write about cooking for a while. There's something wonderful about the lingering scent of onions and garlic on your fingertips (a love-hate kind of wonderful) and the fact that it's all creation. Delicious, delicious creation that you can adjust and customize and best of all, taste.

Trying to replicate food you eat on vacations in other countries is pretty fun. The first time, it was banh mi, with duck pate from Connie's Kitchen. And then hotteok, kimchi rice, and samgyupsal after our Seoul vacation. I didn't bother making Japanese food anymore (although I did buy a DIY yakisoba pack from Landmark), because my last attempt at maki was a spectacular failure, but maybe I'll try again in the future.

It also suddenly makes the grocery a wonderful place to be. The condiments aisle! The fruits and vegetables! The cold cuts, poultry, meat! *twirls around* Scouring the racks for ingredients for your latest project is comparable to spending all day in a bookstore checking out the cute stationary.

Most of the stuff I make is easy to cook. I suppose the most complicated thing I've ever made is squash soup, due to the baking, blending and then boiling. For me, it's not about difficulty, but about what I like to eat.

I'd definitely like to explore more Southeast Asian recipes (because Vietnamese food will always be love. And Thai food, too) and make more granola, perfect a milk tea recipe, make spam musubi, kaya toast (with perfectly sliced skinny bread), okonomiyaki, and the Tiamu nuggets we tried out in Taipei.

Anyway, that's pretty much the point of this post: I enjoy cooking. Cooking + the internet = endless fun. Now, have some photos!

Fries, pico de gallo (cilantro + tomatoes + red onion with kalamansi + s&p) and pork bbq
Briami (Greek roasted veggies), grilled chicken and mushroom "risotto" 
Healthy eating, post-Seoul: pan-fried tofu in soy sauce, and zucchini. 

Three recipes I like that you should try out:

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