Paper creatures instead of napping. (Or, how to be a productive CW student)

Hello, universe. It's zombie day #2 today (meaning, I haven't gotten enough sleep but somehow continue to function semi-properly) and I went home early. Instead of taking a nap like a good and normal child however, I was seized by the urge to make something. At first it was crayon-resist lettering. And then I changed my mind--I wanted to do something involving watercolor or acrylic paint and cardboard. And maybe crayons. I searched the house for a white crayon but found none. I did, however, find my old watercolor set from Arki together with some tiny brushes. And since I'm still not over my fascination with making paper toys, I decided to make another one. You can, too!

Meet Sweet Cheese. I made her a couple of days ago using a doll template from boxpunx. Today, I took her apart. 

I took a page from my sister's watercolor sketchpad, traced around Sweet Cheese on the reverse side of the page, and cut out a new template.

Turned it over on the paintable side. 

Painting time! 

Assembly time! 

And there it is. Another one to add to my growing collection of creatures. 

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